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In late summer 1995, the former mayor, Horst Schneemann, invited Seevetal’s organisations, associations and interested citizens to an exchange of views in our town hall. The aim of this meeting was to create a broader and solid platform for the contacts between the citizens of Seevetal and Decatur/Illinois. Dagmar Bomke, Mia Seidler and Helga Hachenberg were ready to organise a trip to Decatur.
At last, in October 1996, the time had come: 24 citizens of Seevetal started a trip to our sister city. Upon our arrival, late in the evening, the Sister City Committee and our host families received us with a warm welcome. Our one-week stay was filled with a variety of activities. The members of the Sister Cities Committee organised a sight-seeing tour, we visited companies, a farm as well as the Amish Land.
We all knew that, in the case of a counter-visit, we would also have a lot to show to our guests; even though this would require a lot of work and many ideas. On our way back from Decatur towards St. Louis we decided to also found a sister cities committee. Back in Seevetal this organisation was founded in February 1997.
Our Goals
Based on climate of partnership between two different places our aim is to build up and maintain a friendship between our people. This, of course, is an ambitious goal. We are, however, convinced that each visit to and from Decatur will take us closer to this aim.
We want to create a common identity among the members of our organisation. This is to be achieved by common activities.
Function Name Phone e-Mail
1. Chairperson Ingrid
+49 4105
2. Chairperson Dr. Friedrich
+49 40
Dr. Friedrich Lührs
Treasurer Karen Gostola   Karen Gostola
Secretary Rita Kaps +49 4187
Rita Kaps
Volunteer Elke Pflughoft    
Volunteer Silke Ludwig