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Activitys in the Year 2018
Annual General Meeting 2018
Compared to the last years in this year many more club members attended our annual general meeting as the most important topic on our agenda was the continuation of our club.
After a minute of silence in remembrance of our members who deceased last year, the minutes and annual reports were approved unanimously and the managing board was granted relief for the last year. Then we started an intensive discussion regarding the future of our club. Soon it became obvious that the club would only continue its work if we succeeded in electing a new managing board of directors.
After some debates Ingrid Ahlers-Karlsson declared to be willing to become the new chair-woman of the club and she was elected unanimously. Dr. Friedrich Lührs was nominated for the vacant position of deputy chairperson and he too was elected unanimously. As new volunteer Silke Ludwig was elected.
Following the elections our secretary Rita Kaps thanked the resigned chairpersons Helga Brust and Klaus Burda for their good work in the past years.
As in 2018 we do not expect guests from Decatur and do not plan a journey to our sister city, the topic "activities 2018" was quickly finished. About 10 o'clock p.m. our new chair-woman Ingrid Ahlers-Karlsson declared the end of the meeting.
Activitys in the Year 2016
To explore with your feeds
It is August and we start with 12 persons to our yearly excursion. This time we planned to visit the “bare-foot park Lüneburger Heide”.
We met at 10 o'clock at the parking lot of the bare-foot park. Everybody arrived individually and on time. After saying hello to each other we went to the lockers to lock in our shoes, stockings and other things we did not want to carry along with us. On our way to the breakfast prepared for us we passed the first icy-cold waters, mud and broken glass. Then delicious sandwiches, coffee, tea, fruit, orange juice and other little snacks waited for us.
Gruppenbild Im Kräutergarten
After having enjoyed breakfast our guide, a nice, young lady, joined us and guided us more than 2 hours through the park telling us a lot of interesting details about nature and the beautiful surroundings. We started in the herbal garden where we tested our smelling senses. Then we walked along tortuous paths covered with bark, beech-nuts and sand crossing through different kinds of forest, meadows and fields. Here everybody really could experience nature. We passed through various bassins with more or less muddy waters, loam-pits and many other obstacles, balanced across stones of numerous sizes and forms and guessed which trees and plants we saw on our way.
Our guide had prepared some funny little games to train our feet andd toes and we guided each other with our eyes shut to test other senses. The 2 hours we spent in the park passed very quickly. We were a merry group, laughed a lot and had very much fun together. The weather also was fine, it was not too hot and most important of all: it did not rain.
After having cleaned our dirty and muddy feet thoroughly we had lunch at the hotel “8 Linden” in Egestorf and after lunch our excursion ended and we wearily laid down on our sofas at home and our feet could recover.
Walking tour in the “Göhlbachtal” Harburg
Inspite of dark clouds with snow and sleet showers and temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit we started our walking tour with nine participants guided by Andreas Schmidt.
Andreas led us from our meeting point through the idyllic “Göhlbachtal” (a park-like valley) which probably is the most beautiful way connecting the quarter Eißendorf with the city center of Harburg. We walked along the Lohmühlengraben (Lohmühlen ditch) up to the Lohmühlenteich (Lohmühlen pond). Then we continued our way to the Hastedt place where the
Gruppenbild Bauernhaus
former fire station is situated which was the first new building for the professional fire department (founded in 1921) of the before independant city of Harburg. As the weather remained very typical for the month of April our walking tour became a little shorter than planned. Everybody was feeling rather cold, so we ended our walking tour in the “Café Beerental” where we enjoyed hot coffee and delicious pies.
As every year also this time Andreas organized a beautiful and instructive tour. We all thanked him very much for this wonderful day.
Auf in neues
As usual when no visit to Decatur is planned and no guests from Decatur are expected the number of club members attending the Annual General Meeting of our club is of a comparably small size.
We started our meeting with a minute of silence to remember the members who deceased last year. Then we followed the agenda until the elections as quickly as usual. As the deputy chairwoman Heike Alsguth did not candidate again due to personal reasons, we had to elect a new deputy chairperson. Helga Brust who was nominated by Dagmar Bomke was elected unanimously. Wolfgang Kruse-Bomke, too, resigned from his honorary mandate as a co-chairperson. To substitute him Klaus Burda was elected unanimously.
Following topic »miscellaneous« Dagmar Bomke presented the new club polo-shirts which can be ordered from now on. Around 9 o'clock p.m. our chairwoman declared the end of this year's Annual Meeting.
Activitys in the Year 2015
Trip to the USA 2015
In 2015 the Sister Cities' friendship between the community of Seevetal, Germany, and the city of Decatur in Illinois, USA, is existing for forty years. In order to celebrate this special anniversary thirty citizins of Seevetal took a flight across the Atlantic Ocean. But before visiting our sister city we went on a sightseeing tour through the former so called »Wild West« of the USA.
Big Boy Big Boy Big Boy Big Boy
Our bus ride started in Cheyenne WY, where we saw a real big locomotive engine, the »Big Boy«. After passing Fort Laramie we reached Hot Springs, SD. From Hot Springs our bus continued to Mount Rushmore. Here the heads of the US presidents Jefferson, Washington, Roosevelt and Lincoln are carved into the rocky mountain. Then our trip took us to Cody WY. In Cody everything reminds of Buffalo Bill Cody and his legendary Western Show. After leaving Cody we reached the highlight of our journey: the marvelous Yellowstone National Park. At the end of our tour we passed Red Lodge MT and moved on to Billings MT. On our way we visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield and then took a flight from Billings to Chicago.
Big Boy Big Boy Big Boy Big Boy
From Chicago a bus took us to Decatur Ill, where we arrived late in the evening and where our hosts gave us a warm welcome. In Decatur we visited the interesting nursing center for injured wild birds, saw how a big 240 tons mining truck was assembled at Caterpillar's and admired ADM's huge private railroad facilities for freight trains.But we also made excursions into the nearer environment of Decatur. We thus visited an old homestead farm as it was existing in this area around 1850 and went to the Amish living in the surroundings of Arthur. On this day we also had a delicious home-made lunch in the house of an Amish family. Finally the trip into the nature ended with a fabulous boat trip on Lake Decatur. Then it was time to say goodbye. Traditionally at the end of a visit there is a great Farewell Party.
Because of the 40 years anniversary of the Sister Cities' friendship of Decatur and Seevetal the Farewell Party this time was celebrated at the Decatur Club. For this last event of a visit all hosts, guests and organizing persons get together once again and commonly look forward to meet again in Seevetal in the year 2017.
Activitys in the Year 2014
A walking tour at the Elbe
A fixed part of our yearly program is our walking-tour in spring. This year Andreas Schmidt had organized a tour through “Over” and “Bullenhausen”, villages belonging to our community. We met on a parking area in Bullenhausen. Our chair woman Dagmar Bomke was glad to welcome the remarkable number of 19 participants wanting to join in the walk.
Am Treffpunkt
Andreas started his guided tour at the newly built modern kindergarten in Bullenhausen. We then continued our way along the river to the southern beach. Here Andreas especially showed us the construction against high tides, which at present is fit for protection against floods up to 8 meters (24 ft) above normal level. On our walk we then passed the small yacht harbor till we reached the stone monument which was erected at the exact place where the Elbe dike broke during the disastrous storm tide of 1962 so that the waters of the Elbe flooded the land behind it. Afterwards we returned a short way on the street “Elbdeich”, turned right and after a walk through some beautiful green meadows reached Over. When we arrived very close to the small church in Over, which already twice was destroyed by fire and rebuilt again, we had a short stop and look around. Then we directly returned to the starting point of our excursion.
Our interesting walking-tour ended at the restaurant “Essi” with delicious coffee and cake. Thank you very much, Andreas.
Activitys in the Year 2013
A look back to ancient times
It has almost become a tradition to make the first Sunday in May our hiking day. This year, Andreas Schmidt had organized a visit to the megalith site “Oldendorfer Totenstatt”.On this area (7 ha.) between Salzhausen and Amelinghausen burials and funerals have been taking place for more than 4000 years.
Karte Führung Detail Im Kaffeegarten
The first long barrow that was built up here was 60 meters long and 7 meters wide. Grave goods prove that this grave had been used for a long time. After that, further burial mounds and barrows had been built on this site, five of which are still being investigated. After a short walk from the site to the town center we visited the local museum where we could take a closer look at a barrow in its construction phase and after being completed. Furthermore, several Stone Age articles of daily use as well as various grave goods are displayed there.
Filled up with such a load of new information we decided to relax for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee at the guest house “Tödter”. Once again, Andreas had organized for all of us a wonderful and interesting day. Thank you,Andreas!
Along the rivers Alster, Elbe and Bill
This year's joint excursion took us to our neighbours in Hamburg. Gunda Lange had prepared a canal trip for us.
Ruderclub Blick zur Seite Villen Kaffeeplausch
We met at the station in Harburg and took the train to Jungfernstieg where we boarded one of the Alster boats which would take us across the Alster canals for the next 2.5 hours. The trip started at the Alster pier and led us to the “Osterbek canal” via the “Binnenalster ” and “Aussenalster ”. In the district of“Barmbek ” our tour took us along the branch canal to the “Stadtparksee ” (city park lake) in Winterhude. Via the “Goldbekkanal ” we arrived at the “Rondeelteich ”, Hamburg's supposedly most beautiful housing area. Along the “Aussen- and Binnenalster ” we came back to our starting point.
As usual we finished our tour with some coffee and cake at the “Café Wirth ”. On our way back home we all agreed that it had been a wonderful day. Thank you, Gunda!